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Graphics, Video, Pre-Viz, and Client Renders

Panoramic Video

Show the world your vision in a whole new perspective.

Whether it's 4 projectors, 6 Plasmas, 18 Projectors or hundreds of LED tiles in various pixel depths, PixelPup can shoot, create and display your content in a whole new way with panoramic video and graphics creation.

3D Mapping

Always exciting, and a great way to really engage your audience is 3D mapping of exisitng elements or features of your event.  Whether it's a brick wall, or a whole building, PixelPup can create realistic looking 3D renders of your environment and project them onto the surface to really bring your set to life.


When time is of the essence it is critical to be ahead of the game.  No one wants to be caught on site trying to figure out exactly how you are going to set up and run a show.  With pre-visualization, you can take a look at your show before you even get to the show to see any potential problems and begin to set up a show just the way you want it without ever stepping foot in the venue.



Client Renders

When you are trying to sell a client on your next big idea, it pays to show them visually exactly what you are trying to achieve.  PixelPup can help you create stunning 3D renders of your vision to really show your client exactly what they are getting when they work with you.  From ballrooms to arenas, get your message across more clearly with a visual render of your idea to really impress your client.

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